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Good Memories

December 21, 2011

oh wow! i remember shaunyn today. (everyday really but this is a really cute memory that carries no guilt or sorrow. rare) she was almost three and living in north carolina with me. it was chilly and we didnt have a fenced yard, so she was riding her tricycle round and round in the house. i was cooking but she wanted a snack so i hadgiven her a piece of bologna to hold her till lunch.
after a few minutes, i noticed she was “driving” through, the kitchen and making regular stops at the back
door. curious. she drove away and i looked out
the door (glass) to see what was so interesting.
nothin. realizing i wasn’t seeing from her angle, i
squatted and looked … at the half eaten piece of
bologna…stuck securely on the glass for
safekeeping, till her next trip. 🙂


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  1. I love it! What an awesome memory!! 🙂

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