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Anna Faye (My Pretty Little Adrianna) P2

December 28, 2011

The white fuzz was the first sign that you were early. I didn’t know what it was, but it looked like you had glittering … down all over you. Glowing sort of. I asked what is that? It’s nothing, they have this on them when they are about a month or so early. It WAS like tiny down feathers! With this perfect peaches and cream complexion under it. From what I understand now, the “feathers” protected your skin during and after being born. Since my water broke hours and hours earlier, it was all you had to protect you from chafing. If you had been full term, you would have been all red and your little skin would have felt raw from trying to get out without any fluid easing the way for you.
So there YOU were! Tiny, beautiful, covered in shiny “feathers”, yet another indication you came straight from Heaven. A month early but perfectly healthy (despite my hangover)
You already had a name. We all named you months and months before. As soon as we knew you were a girl (which was as soon as i new of your existence, your dad could always tell too. the sonogram just verified what we knew)
You are the youngest of five children, all named for songs. Now you know where your music comes from. I couldn’t write songs like you can, but I chose names from songs I liked. Sometimes I wonder if things would be different if I had named you all something else. The songs seem almost as through they were prophetic, now. Like maybe I sealed our fate as a family with the lyrics.
Adrianna-for the song by Vince Gill, Faye for a very dear best friend who passed in January 1998. Bowers because I was still married to B—-i and D—-l’s dad. And I thought you were his! I still had not figured it out. Yep, I am jus a lil slow at times. When they said you were early, I should have realized right then that you were M—–l’s. But you had B—-i’s features, too. LOL turns out you got them from me. And the glasses (sorry, really bad eys run in our family from my dad)
They didn’t let you come home until you were a whole 5lbs, but you were hungry so that didn’t take long.

Two days. Partially because you were underweight and partially because I was dehydrated, exhausted and got my tubes tied. Mainly because we both just needed some peace and quiet and REST!
This was perfectly fine with me. I wanted time with you. Just you! Time to hold you and just look at you, without the hecticity of home and the cleaning that needed done.
You were born on what was supposed to be my day off. Cleaning day. And the house was a mess…so II thought.
Little did I know, your brother and sisters and Dad were very busy preparing a surprise for our return.

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