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The Hole

January 2, 2012

“WOW! It IS really beautiful!” High Captain Klark thought aloud. The sound of his vocal thought softly echoed back at him, off the white rock on the other side of the chasm.
He had seen it from the outer atmosphere while trying to get a good video of the moonrise from planet-view. Jackie Marilyn always asked him for videos of the Moonrise, and he tried to bring as many back as possible. Especially since they had had to blow up our own moon two years ago. Such a sad affair. “years ago..years” Realizing he was speaking aloud again, Klark jerked himself away from the hatch and set about getting as close to the chasm as safely possible. After initial investigation, he would get his anti-planetgrab out and start taking samples.
It was easy to see why no one had noticed before. As it was, He could barely see it as a hole from groundlevel. The green twisted vines, some as big around as the tree trunks they grew upon, had somehow attached themselves to the trees on the other side and created a sort of canopy/tarp all the way across. The dead branches of trees that were caught in them disquised the whole thing as a brush-filled flat area. You couldn’t see any difference between it and the surrounding planet-ground. Terrain “errain…train…train”.
He looked at the viewer. No real need to, as the viewer found it’s own way around, but he liked to see everything first.
“What is it? How new is it?”, his ear asked. “It is not new.” he answered, “It is very old. The trees on the plant growing wall are at least 200terracycles old and the stone on the white side has been worked with tools.” He prepared himself for the inevitable high-pitched declarations of denial and was not disappointed.
He knew what he was saying was impossible. He also knew what he was seeing was real. He dreaded that what he knew and what he saw would bring hoards and swarms of knowledge greedy finders to sample this beautiful sight to death. They thought that every inch of this planet had been mapped. HA! But so had the original inhabitants, who were gone over 300terracycles, and THEY had left no record of this. This was no little oversight. The chasm began here, as an almost straight drop-off about half a kilometer wide, where he was standing. He stood on the NorthNorthWest side. To the NorthWest, then bearing North, the edge of the deep hole curved in an almost perfect half-circle around to the other side. Gradually, the edges changes from lush green plant to rocky sparse withering to smooth white rock. At the top, on the other side, the ground seemed to take up where it left off from here.
Looking behind him, Klark saw fairly flat ground, brushy and interspersed with tall trees…sort of woodsy, but not thick jungle. You could easily walk through most of it. There were a couple of places one would have to light-clear the brush, first. All in all, pretty but boring. There was nothing to even hint that this spectacular wonder lie hidden smack in the middle of the South-Half GreenTerra. But here it was, and spectacular it was!
Klark went back to the Planet-pod to get his anti-planetgrab.


From → alien, future, human, sci-fi

  1. more please……

  2. there is a part 2 but i havent finished it in my head yet. LOL! actually i know the ending…it is the middle that is eluding me.

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