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The Hole (p2)

January 3, 2012

He was tempted to climb down without turning it on, but if they checked his en-time, he would get another reprimand. To touch the cool green of the plant side and then the sand grit of the white side might almost be worth it. He sighed. No, being planet-bound for another galday would not be worth it. He could touch the samples in the Vidfeel and be happy with that.
He kicked his bootheel and felt the pull of gravity let go of him. He held up his right hand toward open space over the hole to guide the suit and began to move. Careful to stay at least 2 meters from any plants, Klark still got as close as he safely could.
Soon though, even the fascination of self-grown plants could not hold his attention.
He had already seen that what looked like a huge cavern from the vid, was the chasm, canopied by the vines and dead branches. It seemed to go on forever, green shadows and light. He heard echos that got louder until he realized he was listening to running water.
It was easy to figure out how they had missed this in the mapping. After they had found the tiny flesh-life surviving just 3 meters b-terra in the North-Half Green, they had stopped sound and light mapping. They relied on vid only for fear the tiny fragile creatures would be harmed by the alien frequencies. These large vines were hidden in the tangle of dead branches, but the green of them looked just like the surrounding terra. The only reason he had noticed it was because he had noticed a shadow with nothing to cast it.
“BAAaa!…aa..aa” ?! If he had been standing on terra, he wold have jumped 5 meters! Since he was hanging weightless on nothing, he froze. Only a miliclick passed before Klark remembered to make a fist and stop his descent.
WHY had he NOT used the flesh-life-finder? There was no flesh-life that could be seen without a megazoomvid anywhere else on this planet! What if there were aero-life like on the redsand planet? Were the plants vocal like on the Green planet? All these and other thoughts raced through his mind and solidified into an action. LOOK DOWN!
Klark had been so engrossed in the fascinating green-brown shiny shadows of the vast area under the vines, that he had not realized how far into the hole he was. He had not even looked at the vid. He did not look at the vid, now. But he did look down.
His feet hung approximately 1 1/2 meters above what appeared to be a fabricated structure. The covering was slanted and made out of flat rectangles of shiny grit. They had seen shiny plates in the portals of the made-caverns of the North-Half Green. These were not transparent, though, so he could not see if this contained the same made-things that he had seen there.
The vid had found motion and followed it. The sound came from one of the quad-walkers that were gathering at the edge of the made-cavern. There were several standing and more progressing toward them, all staring at him. They were covered with fur that was not fur. It looked more like the plant fiber balls in the vidfeel they had found self-growing in the North-Half Green. White and fluffly. They were not flesh-life eaters. This was evident from the bits of green still sticking out of some of their long solemn faces. Some still chewed. Some just stared. The ones still gathering made the sound repeatedly as they advanced.
Just as he was thinking they didn’t seem aggressive, Klark heard a very different sound. A low quiet but mean sound from behind him. He turned to find another quad-walker on the terra. As soon as he made eye contact, the being made a sharp LOUD sound and began trying to launch itself to the top of the made-cavern. Klark felt a compelling need to get higher, though it was obvious it couldn’t bounce high enough to reach him. He made himself stay put and turned back to the fluffy plant chewing quads.
That was when he saw the bi-walker.


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