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Religion and war? Aren’t we past that yet?

October 16, 2014

I’ve been listening to him since the 70s. Was shocked when they put him on a watch list simply for changing his name back to Yusuf. The deceit that goes on about Islam is appalling, but so successful that I didn’t know Muslims are Christmas until about a month ago. What are we fighting THEM about? It’s radical Christians against radical Islam. The radicals everything, even Judaism, is what we need to address. Not people protesting peacefully, not a mosque or a synagog or any church. We are no better than the people bombing the Baptist Churches in Alabama is the 50s and 80s.
When are we gonna get that EVERY ONE THAT BELIEVES IN GOD, BELIEVES IN THE SAME ONE? OK so Hebrews don’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah. So what? They believe in the god of Abraham. Same god. They just stick to the old law.
Muslims believe in the god of Abraham and the Christ. And it’s really really nothing to fight over anyway.
I personally don’t believe in worshipping or praying to Mary or any other “saint”. To me it’s idolatry and Christ said HE is the only way to the Father.
I don’t believe in a bunch of virgins waiting for some guy that kills himself in the name of ALLAH either. That’s RADICAL ISLAM.
Is someone going to call me a terrorist and kill me because I don’t believe in the Pope as a supreme, know all see all allowed to change the rules because God told him to, any more than I believe him Jones was told to put cyanide in the koolaid?
All the hate and misunderstanding has to stop, and it has to start somewhere.
One person at a time, we can all change the world. Not by killing, but by educating. People just don’t know and they believe what they are told to believe by their parents and some nut with a radio talk show.
I thank God, my father taught me, by his actions, to seek truth, to not just accept. Lol, he got kicked out of preaching school for studying and learning something other than what the West Monroe Church of Christ professors were willing to teach. Got his diploma early, under the guise of needing missionaries in Zambia. But, mainly, cause they couldn’t prove him wrong and he was influencing other students. Lol, a classic example of teaching lies, just to conform.
But, I digress.
I ask again, what are we fighting about?

LISA KOLB, not a great writer, but if you feel like reading silly, boring stuff, want to here a bit of whining at time or have insomnia, this is for you


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