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January 22, 2015

Yes it is all true. The declassified documents proved that the WMD “evidence” was fabricated. The alleged communications between Saddam and wtf ever in Africa were forged, Bush wanted to paint a jet like blue and white, fly over Iraq airspace, so that Iraqi military would fire on it, and start a war.
It took so long to retaliate for 9/11 because SADDAM WAS NOT INVOLVED AT ALL.
His “crime” against us was wanting to sell his country’s oil for Euro rather than the almighty USD, making our Petrodollar worthless, wrecking what was left of our economy.
Not saying Saddam was a saint. He was a harsh dictator and had a very hard job keeping all the different religious fanatics, rebels and groups like radical Islam (al Qaeda), Sunnis, Shi’ite, and Christians from killing each other, while trying to provide basic needs like healthcare, food, jobs, shelter for them. The economy had been a mess since 1991, when Kuwait allowed the US to SLANT DRILL into Iraq and take the only resource that country had, illegally. He invaded kuwait, to put a stop to the theft and H.W. declared  war. The Iraqi soldiers set fire to those oil wells and tanks, not our soldiers.
It goes even further back than 1991. Roosevelt, to drag the US out of the Great Depression, realizing that we had not enough good to back our dollar, based our money on OIL. (BTW, we still don’t have gold), introducing the petrodollar.
Now, why did we start a war with a country that has nothing to do with that tragic day?  To put a puppet in place, to keep haliburton there, drilling oil for us, and selling it for USD. Oil is one of our biggest exports and what our money is based on.
It’s hard to believe. I thought for a long time that it was just the Bush family’s and Cheney’s oil interests and greed of Big Oil that motivated such horrendous lies, corruption and was crimes.
The people of Iraq were promised jobs, democracy, freedom and what they perceived as “the American Dream”.
The Iraqi soldiers were told that they would be part of the transition, if they helped us get rid of Saddam. Instead, once he was brought down, forced into hiding and our troops were on the ground, they were sent home without jobs, without pay to feed their families. Insurgents now they are called, because they tried to take their country BACK.
Almost everything the media and our government told us were lies, propaganda, misinformation. The only true part is that there has been massive bloodshed and our soldiers come home confused, traumatized, disgusted, and broke, if at all.

LISA KOLB, not a great writer, but if you feel like reading silly, boring stuff, want to here a bit of whining at time or have insomnia, this is for you


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